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Help Is a Whisper Away

It’s not good to get overanxious about the things happening in your world. The thing that will help you be calm, is going about your day with a quiet spirit. Be the best you can be in any given situation. There are times you won’t feel joy. There are times you won’t have consolation and discouragement will cloud your mind. At those times you will wrestle with your discouragements, and doubts will creep in to take control of your thoughts. It’s not fun going through grief, despondency, or what seems like heavy darkness. But in a sinful world those times do come.

It may sound cliché’, but your help is a whisper away. No matter how despondent you feel, you need to trust in Jesus and not your own heart. A calming peace can come and control your mind if you will but seek Him - The Only Burden Barer. Take refuge in bold and sure promises in His Word. Don’t think for a moment that Jesus won’t be there in an instant if you reach out to Him. He will come to you. He cares for you, He hurts when you hurt, and He can pick up the shattered pieces of your life and make you feel renewed. All you need to do is whisper from within your heart.


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