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We Will Be Judged

Everyone living and also those that have died will face judgment.

That momentous event is close at hand, and yet many who profess to believe this truth as proclaimed in the Bible are what we shall call, “asleep.” Sadly they will surely be numbered with the unfaithful servant who said in his heart, “My Lord delays His coming.” That is true if they remain in their present position of “friendship” with the world. The Lord will finally appear and only those who are waiting in hope and faith and who are without sin will be the recipients of going to live with Jesus in heaven. Many live with a theory of truth who know not the power of what godliness is. If the word of God truly dwells in your heart, it will control your life and it will show your real character by the way you live.

Faith is believing that which you do not see. Purity is being clean through and through. And conformity to the will of God will testify about who you really are. (My thoughts with Testimonies for the Church, vol. 5, pp. 14, 15).


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