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A Person With Faith

Do you have faith to believe that God is always there for you and even waits for you to talk to Him about the things that annoy, trouble, or frustrate you? He longs for you to tell Him your plight…..even though He already knows it.

If we would just believe that Jesus means what He says about trusting Him by having faith, we would be relaxed and at peace. He will take care of you. But we have to have patience. Or maybe if we would just know enough of Him to even mutter the desires and hurts of our hearts………we could find He is there to listen and help.

Rejoice in the blessings He so freely gives you. Your heart pumping blood through your veins moment after moment. The breath of air filling your lungs with oxygen day after day after day.

If only I would give more attention to His mercies, maybe my exertions to even just an ounce of faith would lead to thanking Him for choosing me to be a part of life on earth. That is something to think about. Because I was born He chose me as part of His plan. He chose you too, so we’re both worth something to Him. Have faith and believe it!


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