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I specialize in writing non-fiction books and audiobooks. I put together promise bags and treasure chests full of God's promises that give uplifting, positive scripture words, also offering free health tips in a book that I put together.


Hello, I am Nancy Berthiaume LaPierre. I am a nonfiction author

Here is my story:

Nancy Bethiaume LaPierre (1954-) was born in Woonsocket R.I. to French Canadian parents. She grew up in R.I. in an unstable, alcoholic home. She married Mark LaPierre in 1974. Her first child was born three years later (1977). Mark and Nancy were blessed with two more beautiful baby boys. She was determined to raise them in a loving, stable, Christian home, something she never experienced herself. During the course of her life with Mark, she realized how God took care of her and her brothers and sisters while growing up, and how He is still watching over her. She survived the challenges of raising three children in a school bus for the sake of sending them to Christian schools. God has shown her how to forgive her parents and found herself taking care of her mom after she had suffered a stroke. She had the privilege of caring for her for seven years, up until her death in 2010. She is now enjoying life with her children and grandchildren, every chance she can get, seeing they live in all different parts of the world. She shared her story in her first book, Journey to a Better Land, in hopes to bless others that might be going through or have gone through similar trials.

She has narrated two books, her first one and a second one on caregiving.

Nancy's Memories
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