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Ready or Not

The end to life on our earth is near. Are you ready? Are you safe in the zone you choose to live in? Are you at the place where you understand that you are a child of God, and He, more than anything wants you to live in heaven with him?

Those who are awake and aware are working in earnest to lead others to the awareness of Jesus soon return. They prepare by studying the Word of God and by consulting with the Holy Spirit for guidance as to how to reach out to those that aren’t aware of know how serious this matter is.

New and strange things will continually arise to try and tempt anyone into false ways to live. Your only safeguard is to keep your eyes fixed on the true light, and understand what truth is. The Word of God is light and truth.

Awake my friend…..there is a great controversy warring outside of your visual sight. It’s between Christ and Satan and who will win the hearts of God’s created beings. At the devils command his angels do his destructive biddings against Christians. But never forget there are good angels that are by your side protecting and guiding also. What side are you choosing?


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