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Love at the Right Time

In our world today people struggle with the idea of sexual intimacy and whether marriage is even necessary because society through popular culture and social media advertises that we do not need to make a commitment. We’re also lead to believe that we can get whatever we want - when we want it because it’s okay to do whatever makes us happy. Unfortunately too many of us have bought into this false message because we have not found our identity with Jesus. If we do not know who we are or who we are meant to be, than we are likely to choose anyone who comes along that pleases us.

It is so crucial to develop a relationship with Jesus before you look to join with another. If two broken people join together expecting to complete each other, they will become disappointed because only Jesus can truly satisfy every desire of your heart. Sure you may think you are happy, but when you make a connection with the “love source” who created love, you most definitely will find love you never knew existed.

Marriage is a beautiful institution, established by God from the beginning of creation. Knowing the source of where love came from will fill in any gap that has been created if you try doing marriage your way.

For those of you who have been married a good length of time and you aren’t as happy as you think you should be. Try Jesus. You’ll find stability. You’ll love deeply, and you’ll find a new and fulfilling adventure. It really works! (My thoughts with Michelle from Canada in the Collegiate Quarterly, p. 58).


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