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God’s Promises

There are many, many, promises in the Word of God. And how often do we claim them and use them for helping us in our life situations? And do we actually believe they are meant for us?

Every promise that is in God’s Word gives encouragement. But how often do we partake of His perfect and divine nature? If we would rely upon God, and believe in His Word, we would do works in His name and thus take hold of His divinity. Our possibilities would be worth more than all the riches in the entire world….if only we believed. So in reality nothing on earth can compare with it.

We need to trust God’s Word and take hold of the power placed within our reach. When we do so we will receive hope in our heart, so strong, that we will rely wholly upon His promises. We would be rich and not feel poor even if we have little. We would be humble, and would bow before God and thank Him for the love and grace He enjoys showering upon us. And…’s all free for the taking!


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