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Be Still, Know, and Learn

Stillness and quietness in many cases are rare. Many with their busy lives don’t know how to handle them. But for the sake of your marriage, you need alone time with no interruptions. This will include, being child free, televisionless, phoneless and workless, with the two of you alone for discussion/communication time together. Marital solitude time is vital for your marriage. Period!

Making that time won’t just happen by itself. You’ve got to determine that it happens. How much time do you devote to watching television? That’s mentioned because it’s probably one of the biggest time activities where you can sit for hour’s veg’ing and absorbing who knows what. Can you balance that time spend alone between God and television? Is God even part of that equation? There will always be excuses when it comes to doing what you prefer to do and what you really should be doing more of in your life as a married couple.

Without couple time your marriage will suffer, and will eventually with gradual ignorance start falling apart. You know it, but by this time you have dealt with this mode and it seems okay or has fallen into what you think as a normal mode.

Although the shell of a union may endure, the spirit of the marriage may disintegrate into what is called - very subtle time, unless you take periodic and shared reprieves from the pressures you live under. Remember, these pressures are brought into our lives from the inside.

The way to keep a cherished friendship alive may be found in breaking away long enough and frequently enough to keep yourselves fresh so your love can grow. Without such moments of focused attention, it’s difficult to keep the updated knowledge of one another which keeps two hearts in close proximity alive and growing together. A GROWING MARRIAGE NEEDS REFRESHING! (My thoughts with Quite Times for Couples, p. 318).


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