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It’s Time to Be Ready

When you took the name of Christian, you promised in this life to prepare for the higher life which is the kingdom of God. To be a Christian means to be Christ-like. And what a high calling that is. You can’t have a satanic feature remain on your mind or body, because you are to reveal comeliness, purity, integrity, and firm dignity. Let Christs life be your pattern. Contemplate eternity in your mind. By doing so, you will in a small way see what Christ’s sacrifice meant. The heritage offered to you that cost Him so much.

Keep your principles pure. Let your life be untainted by any polluting practice. God and his holy angels have an intense desire that you shall reach the standard of perfection which Christ died to make possible for you to reach. Be one with Christ that you may take the place that awaits you in heaven. Believe it…..all heaven is interested in you. (My thoughts with In Heavenly Places, p. 286).


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