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God Sees and Cares

God cares for and sustains everything that He has created. He upholds the unnumbered worlds throughout space on an extremely large scale. At the same time He cares for the wants of the little brown sparrow that sings its humble song without fear. It’s also so when men go forth in their daily toil, and then lie down at night and rise again in the next morning; even when the rich man feasts in his mansions, or when the poor man gathers his children about in their lowly shacks, they may all engage in prayer, and the Saviour hears them. Everyone is tenderly watched by the heavenly Father. There are no tears that are shed that God does not notice. There is no smile that He does not take note of. It encourages me to look up and smile right now (My thoughts with Steps to Christ, p. 85, by E.G. White).


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