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Soul Saving

Do you love every person in the world even if you don’t know them? Are you aware we are here on earth to be instruments for the cause of saving souls for heaven? Do you know that angels are waiting to intervene for the purpose of ministering to souls that want something better than just living day to day without a solid and meaningful purpose in their lives?

All of heaven watches and is near to the Christian who is serious about saving souls. We must treat all people as one of the Lord’s. Ask for a desire in your own heart to seek for those that don’t know Jesus and the awesome story of salvation.

The work of soul winning is precious and brings the atmosphere of heaven closer to us and even causes angels to sing and rejoice. Our Father (God) in heaven numbers the unselfish worker among His most precious treasures. Your humble willingness to serve others is what brings the greatest joy to the heart of God.


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