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Pledging to be Married

In the Bible the sacred and enduring character of the relation that exists between Christ and His Church is represented by the union of marriage.

The Lord has joined His people to Himself by a solemn covenant; He promising to be their (our) God, and they (we) pledging ourselves to be His and His alone.

The Lord declares: “I will betroth thee unto me FOREVER, yes I will betroth thee to Me in righteousness, in judgment, in loving-kindness, and in mercies.” Hosea 2:19. And, again He says: “I am married to you.” Jeremiah 3:14.

The unfaithfulness of the church to Christ in permitting her confidence and affection to be turned from Him, and allowing the love of worldly things to occupy the soul, is likened to the violation of the marriage vow. – Great Controversy, p. 381.

I think you would agree with me that turning from God’s Church and your marriage vows is a serious violation. Love the church as declared by Jesus, and love your spouse by your commitment to Jesus; in your marriage.


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