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Being Thoughtful

“Choose what is right; and determine among ourselves what is good.” Job 34:4.

Sharing your lives together in marriage is something you do because it is a desire of your hearts. Being thoughtful and considerate will come naturally when you want to be a source of peace and love for each other. Married couples love each other and let their consideration and respect show by the things they say and do for each other.

God will guide you both in loving and treating each other the way that you also want to be treated and loved. When you say “Thank you,” or “I love you” you are expressing appreciation for the things you do for each other and with each other.

Not judging or criticizing as you voice thoughts and feelings goes a long way with your spouse. Knowing the importance of sharing, you are each showing respectful interest in what the other has to say. You will live in peace together if you extend your hearts in love. Being thoughtful and loving companions should always be your goal. (My thoughts added with Daily Word for Couples, p. 13).


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