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Unity in Marriage

Jesus prayed for unity for Christians. Which is much like the unity of a marriage. As in marriage, divorce from the faith must not be an option. We are brothers and sisters for eternity and we are united by something stronger than what we can do for ourselves; it’s belief in Jesus as our Savior.

Be Convicted: If we don’t have a knowledge of Jesus or His Word, than we have no knowledge of what to unify about. Everyone needs the Word daily. What unites us is stronger than what might divide us. Spiritual maturity is knowing the difference between knowing the core values of our faith and peripheral beliefs.

Be Connected: Satan has thousands of ways to start fights in the home. He often targets one side in order to destroy the other. In your marriage you have to stay alert and updated by being connected to Jesus, the Source of your power. Your computer needs connection to its source. Prayer is our connection to our WI-FI.

Be Committed: We will win and lose some spiritual battles. Make a daily choice to stay close to Jesus by being committed to Him, the main part of a long-term, healthy relationship. Have spiritual grit and live your life with the intention to stay on the side of Jesus, where there’s power to keep you and your spouse together.

Be Unified: Unity can’t be taken for granite. It is hard to achieve and is something every married couple must work at daily. If it was important for Jesus to stay connected to His Father, than we must do the same with Jesus. It’s obtainable, but not impossible to achieve. Strive to make your marriage the best it can be. That’s what God intended when He blessed the marriage unit (My thoughts with The Collegiate Quarterly, page 35).


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