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Our Record

A solemn thought is, that day after day is passing into eternity. And all of it bears our burdens in the records in the books of heaven. Words once spoken, deeds once done! Angels have registered both the good and the evil of it all.

No, not none of us can take back a single thought, word, or action. From here on how careful we should be. No frivolous or impure thoughts should be allowed to occupy our mind unchecked. No sharp or dishonest words should be permitted to escape our lips. No petty or evil act should we indulge. We should always remember that we represent Christ, and that we are His representatives. If we are being untrue to Jesus, some soul may lose their way; someone may be in darkness or even become discouraged because of our careless actions.

To live a victorious life, we must maintain a constant connection with Jesus. It’s only through Him we are kept from falling, and how we can be a witness for what’s right (My thoughts with, Meditations for Moderns, Kenneth Woods Jr., p. 31).


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