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Helpless Without God

We are indeed helpless without the guidance of God. When I disregard the guidelines God has prepared for me, I get caught up in my own self-righteousness, and in the end my reward is sorrow and regret. Without God’s leadership, my hold of faith is left broken and needs God’s divine presence to restore it.

The heart of God yearns over His earthly children, of whom I am a part. His love for me and you is stronger than death. Something so hard for me to comprehend. With God giving up His Son, He poured out to each of us all of heaven in one gift. The Savior’s life, His death, his pleading intercessions, the gracious gift of the ministry of angels waiting to do His bidding in our behalf, and the pleading of the Spirit are all love gifts He offers to woo us to Himself. These are all the Father’s generous workings from above, with unceasing interest for us through His heavenly beings. All are enlisted in behalf of our redemption.

Let us contemplate the amazing sacrifice that has been made for us, and let us try to appreciate the labor and energy that Heaven is expending to reclaim all who are lost. Our Father awaits our decision (My thoughts with the Collegiate Quarterly, p. 23 and Steps to Christ, p. 21).


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