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There is a Work to Finish

The work we must finish on this earth is to be a humble worker; desiring no selfish gain; but seeking God to give us the strength and the knowhow, to tell lost souls about the salvation Jesus gives for free. And to tell them that it’s the gift of ultimate value; for it saves them from all wrongs, no matter what they may have done in shameful disgrace.

From heaven Christ saw mans need. He willingly left His comfort zone, chose to commune with us, fought against the injustice of fallen Satan who then became our oppressor, He willingly died hanging on a cross so we can live justified through Him. He now continues to be our Great Advocate fighting for our lives every day.

May Christ’s example teach us to not merely win souls for Him but to also guide those who learn of Him after they have accepted a change in their life. Then keep loving them and guiding them when they have questions. New babies always need nurturing.

Sherry Miller

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