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How Long Lord?

We all have a Divine Confinement. Our Divine Confinement may come in various forms. For you it may be that you experience a delay in your academic or professional achievement. There may be a health issue that keeps you from reaching personal goals. Sometimes the plan you have for your life is completely changed, and life may feel like an out-of-control whirlwind.

How can one experience “divine confinement” and remain faithful and resolute? This is where it’s important to draw from previous experiences and spiritual lessons, which right now may seem incomprehensible, when faced with what seems like the fight of your life. How can one overcome in times of spiritual or literal confinement?

To do this you need to remember that God has a purpose for each life. His ways and thoughts do not compare to ours, nor can we ever understand His paln. But think about this: Your “confinement” may become a testimony that leads others to know Jesus. A “confinement” is not a punishment but, instead, is an opportunity. You must be resolute in your belief in the supreme will of God.

It is only through daily study and sincerely seeking God’s face that you will grow to understand Him and His divine will. You must be grounded in the faith and hope that only Christ gives. The result will be eternal life (My thoughts with Autherene Leighvard’s, How Long Lord in the Collegiate Quarterly, 2018).


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