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Not an Unclean Soul

We are never to regard anyone as inferior to our self. The blood of Christ was shed to cleanse all from the uncleanness of sin. The glory coming from heaven lifts up the fallen, and comforts the distressed. There is no distinction on account of nationality or race in the eyes of God. Every human being is recognized and loved by Him. He is the Maker of every soul.

We should always anticipate there will be people of sorrows, and many with difficulties, and untold troubles haunting lives. People may appear ragged, uncouth, and seemingly in many ways unattractive; yet they are God’s property. They are members of His household, and those who are Christians and God’s stewards are responsible for them. We need to reach out and act as Jesus did while He was living on earth (My thoughts with Christ Object Lesson, p. 386).

Sherry M.

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