When Life is Smooth

When life is smooth, being a Christian is easy, but when faced with troubles, life can be hard.

If you contemplate the character of Jesus, you will experience His saving power. This will come when you realize your own weakness and imperfections. So why not look to Him for strength and power? He is your Redeemer. He calls you by name. He longs for you to acknowledge Him. You have no power within yourself to be cleansed from the defilement of your sinful life.

Feel how beautiful it is to grasp “by faith” how Jesus imparts to you love and gives to you a pure heart. You can be sanctified and fit, to one day live with holy angels. The Christian who does not lower their standards, but looks to Jesus as their greatest example, will receive a reward in heaven for that endurance experience. (My thoughts with The Sanctified Life, by E.G. White, p. 83).

Sherry M

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