nsurmountable Mountains

Pharaoh changed his mind about letting the captive Israelites go free. In anger he called six hundred horsemen with their six hundred chariots and chased after the fleeing Israelites. Gaining ground he was about to overtake them at the edge of the Red Sea. Escape appeared impossible, for on the south was a mountain; to the west were mountainous deserts; the Red sea was to the east; and bearing down from the north was the roar from Pharaoh’s army.

At this crucial juncture God stepped in and ordered that the Israelites, “Go forward.”

And Israel obeyed God’s command and because of their faith, God does what seems to man the impossible. The mighty water parted, and victory followed.

Today as of old, God is in control and the success in spiritual affairs comes only as God’s people obey. Never is man to be satisfied with his own achievements. Man fails and when he does he is left behind to be overtaken by Satan.

Daily advance in Christian virtues. Recognize where your strength comes from. Use your prayers and believe in faith. God is ready to open your insurmountable sea. (My thoughts with Meditations for Moderns, Kenneth Wood Jr., p. 8).

Sherry M.

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