There is a Controversy

Many have heard about a controversy going on in our world. But too many don’t have a clue as to what a controversy means when it relates to us as individuals and the decisions we make for the destiny of our very life.

We must be willing to be led by the Holy Spirit in order to understand about the controversy. Sadly too many don’t know the role or power of the Holy Spirit and therefore don’t know how to rely on Him to take care of any and all of their personal cares and decisions.

The great controversy is the story about Jesus. He is the center of the controversy, and it’s an old, old, story. It’s a story with many chapters filled with many characters and lessons to be learned. It’s a story we need to embrace in its entirety. We can choose to disagree if we want, all because Jesus loved mankind so much. You see, Jesus gave everyone the freedom of choice. Now Jesus wants us to love one another like He demonstrated by going through the controversy. The last chapter of His controversy will end with the world knowing Him as the Victor. And He did it all because He loves you and me so much.

Sherry Miller

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