You Have Gifts

Everyone has personality gift(s) to share. You don’t see a gift in yourself, but others are always watching you and see your gift(s) as a blessing that puts a smile on the recipients face.

Your individual gift(s) is termed as talents. An insecure person will see others talents and think that talents were limited to certain people who possess superior mental endowments and genius. Yes some do seem exceptional, but God has not restricted talents to a favored few. To everyone God has given some special endowed talent for which that person will be held responsible by the Lord. There’s time, strengths, mental powers, hospitality, kindness, and tenderness of heart; all of which God has entrusted as something special in every person.

Do you feel you don’t have much to offer? Think again. Ask God to use you, and be a willing vessel and He will use you to benefit others. It just could be your positive attitude that makes someone feel special. There is no nonessentials in the Christian life. The Lord in His distribution of gifts is testing your character. You are a blessing in some way to everyone you meet…..because God gave you gifts out of the love from His heart (My thoughts with things E. G. White has penned in her Notes for the April-June quarterly 2018).


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