Fasten Your Eyes on Jesus

Everyone is different, therefore likes and dislikes often do not harmonize. This is exactly where Satan likes to start bonfires of hatred. If he can get us to become irritated with even one thing about the church or God’s work, he gloats and rejoices. Satan knows right well how to make dissatisfaction multiply. When this happens many will give up religion, because their hearts become geared to some infinitesimal subject of discontent instead of focusing on the person of Christ.

The glory of the Christian life is to find Christ and to keep both eyes fastened on Him; not on the faults or failings of fellow church members. People at best are weak and faulty, yet when their eyes are kept on the perfect Christ, they will see neighbors the way God sees them. Without Christ everything is askew and refractory; with Him as the core of life, you gain strength, become loyal, and learn to love anyone because you’ve grown spiritually mature (My thoughts with Light From God’s Lamp, W.R. Beach, p. 142).


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