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How to Destroy Humanity

The story is told of three apprentice devils who were preparing to graduate. Each one presented their thesis on how they would destroy humanity. The first candidate said that he would tell the people that there was no God. The second one’s idea was to tell people that there was no hell. The third one’s thesis won the day because he stated that he would tell the people that there was no need to make hasty decisions because they had all the time in the world (Story adapted from Dr. Hyveth Williams, Anticipation, Waiting on Tiptoes for the Lord, 2000).

This should make us realize that God should have center stage in our life and that submission to His will should be our primary concern. To do this will require quality time and effort. It’s not simply enough to read the Bible; it’s necessary to prayerfully study the Word so we become convicted of our wrongdoings and desire our Father in heaven to change our thinking and behavior (Collegiate Quarterly, March 19, 2018).


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