Boost Your Love Life

In all marriages it’s a work in progress. For every marriage it’s a blessing when you focus on things you can do to boost your love for one another to yet a higher level. Some suggestions follow.

Walk out of your comfort zone. Talk about how you want your marriage to be safe, accepting, and unconditional in all aspects of your commitment to each other. And all the while you need to be humble during the growing time as you face any problems that need dealt with. Admit when you see problems that cause a disconnection between the two of you. When you face your problems gracefully, you can expect healthy connections while becoming better individuals and lovers.

Become a team. Work together on the things you want for yourself and your spouse. Sometimes it’s all about just listening. Communicate. Communication is so vital. It may hurt at times, but clearing the air while also being honest, and fair will open windows and unlock closed doors. Be a good coach and encourager, because being on the same page is so important.

When you notice you’ve taken positive strides, celebrate the changes (but also remember it will still take work so you don’t fall back into the same old habits). Change isn’t easy when you’re so used to your old habits. Remember to affirm and reinforce good changes. Changes will come easier as you become more comfortable talking to each other. Unexpected loving actions will automatically develop as you feel appreciated. Loving comes natural when there is a connection you both feel comfortable with.

Life is not meant to be about settling for the status quo. It’s a template for each of you to become something much better than you are, and doing it together with desired and crazy love as a result (My thoughts with Rescue Your Love Life, p. 86).


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