We must admit that at times we are often unaware of when we aren’t being our best for our spouse. But then, who’s better than your mate to point out something you are doing that is hindering your own growth, development, and successes? When things aren’t in crisis, it’s easy to be satisfied with the status quo.

You could have a long-held dream to pursue, or a talent that needs developed so you can blossom. Your spouse should have an instinct to see that in you, and to offer suggestions to help you in developing your talent or dream. Too often though in many marriages spouse’s don’t communicate and therefore are not in tune to things such as mentioned above.

Expectations help you and your spouse to grow together. When you do this you grow as individuals, and as intimate lovers. Spouses who encourage each other to be all they can be will see positive results in each other. They will also become closer, more romantic, and their interest in each other will be an added bonus.

This is true because growth and love can’t be separated. More personally your heart becomes emotionally, and spiritually enlarged. Then a greater capacity for love and empathy is developed. Connection with your spouse is the key. (My thoughts with Rescue Your Love Life, pp. 84, 85).


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