By Faith Walk with God

How many of us walk by sight and not by faith. We can surely believe the things that we see…..but do we appreciate the precious promises given to us in the holy Bible. By doing so we dishonor God more decidedly by showing that we distrust what He has given to us in the written Word.

We need to trust fully, humbly, and unselfishly, in God. We are His children, and when we draw near to Him, He mercifully preserves us from the assaults of the enemy (which in and of itself is an amazing thought).

Never will God betray one who trusts in Him. God sees the humble, trusting souls drawing near to Him, and in pity and love He draws near to them. God is always trying to teach us to exercise unquestioning faith in His power. He is forever working in our behalf (My thoughts with Our High Calling, p. 85).


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