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We All Need Love

Everyone needs lots of love. We need to know we can trust the one we live with. We need honesty to be a virtue between us, while being able to confront without fear. Love fills many gaps and opens many windows which allows us to have expectations of each other because we trust each other.

Too often when you get married and a bit of time lapses by, the marriage starts regressing into the comfortable and non-growing pattern. It’s like you stop working out and you begin to gain weight. You quit communicating, which means you stop listening to each other and move more into your own world.

Be aware…..relationships require an investment of time and energy. You can’t allow your marriage to be on a back burner. Your marriage should have first priority, but only after seeking God for strength and guidance. Keep your connection open with God and spouse. It will take time, but every minute will be worth it if you are committed to being in a happy marriage. Don’t leave undone the positive feelings you need to share with each other.

If everything in your marriage is all about “you”, than your marriage will regress. Don’t fall into the zone of being unloving, self-involved, disengaged, lazy, controlling, or irresponsible. Sadly, all too often you won’t see that in yourself, because you are self-absorbed. And forbid if your spouse points it out. Then it really gets bad and you see your spouse as a nag or worse. What a tangled web we weave, when about our self we think and feed. Save your marriage by waking up or lose your marriage and lose what could have been a blessed save.

Help yourself out of the state of paralysis. Don’t let fear control your marriage. Whether your comfort zone is from regression or fear, you should give each other a nudge and permission to advance to a better place. When you approach each other in a loving and expecting way without any harshness, your love will grow again. (My thoughts with Rescue Your Love Life, pp. 83, 84).


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