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How to Take Long Trips Together

One of the most consistent differences between men and women is manifested when they drive together on a business trip or vacation. The man is typically interested in getting where they're going and thinks noting of driving five hundred miles each day almost non-stop except for gas. The woman on the other hand, is relational and wants time to stop to stretch now and again and to relax and have a little time for browsing quaint shops, Her attitude of travel is extremely frustrating to the husband who sees stopping frequently as a waste of time and a threat to his goal of getting to their destination. At any rate a vacation should be just that.....a relaxing vacation. We are admonished Biblically to lay down our lives (if need be) for one another, and that's especially true when it comes to the marriage relationship. Instead of solely seeking our own good and our own "well intended" goal, we are to find healthy ways to serve one another. It the trip scenario, the husband can help by setting goals that take his wife into consideration. In some cases that may be taking a route where a new learning curve must be implemented. This takes considering that both couples have to participate in some give and take formula. Sometimes it may be necessary to drive five hundred or possibly six hundred miles in a day, must be a respect for each others feelings, kind of resolve. The wife can do her part to accommodate the husband's needs by finding ways to build relatedness into the trip without having to stop every few hours. Take doable projects along that can be done while driving. There's crossword puzzles and catch up reading to enjoy. Take munchies. The radio or CD's need to be for both of your pleasures. Take earplugs to muffle the sounds if your husband enjoys sports and you don't so much. After all he's probably doing the driving and his sports station helps to pass the hours. There's always quiet time that each one of you need. And being confined to the small capsule of the car can give time for stimulating conversation concerning matters of mutual interest or for solving things you have not had time to discuss. Just don't spoil a vacation because of selfish desires. Pray before you venture out that God will make your trip together one for happy memories and not of stress. Safe travels and happy vacation everyone. Sherry

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