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Unwrapping the Best Gift

Love is a gift that takes a lifetime to unwrap.Just when you think you've figured it out, you discover something new that changes everything. As we grow older and are more willing to live in the present - without feeling trapped by the past or worried about the future - you realize that this gift has many dimensions.There's a sensual side; an affectionate and romantic side; a compassionate and tender side; a fun-loving surprising side; a strategic problem-solving side; and a practical side, just to name a few. This gift of love has many components. All lifelong, intimate relationships are built on the promise to be a giver of generous gifts that show you love your spouse.The mystery is that the more love you give the more you have to give and the supply continues to grow, unendingly. And from the spouse willing to share their gifts, you receive love often times when you don't deserve it. That could be because selfishness sometimes shows it's ugly face now and again. When the doors are closed and the lights are off, there might be times you will demonstrate your share of undesirable habits and quirky secrets. Many couples go through life hiding the shameful truths they want covered up when they mingle with others, but all the while they hurt deep inside. Lifelong love, grace-love.....what the Bible calls agape love, is the gift of seeing the best in each other.....regardless. This kind of love is rare, and as couples you must experience it before you can give it. This gift of love refuses to label or limit you. It inspires and encourages and lifts you, whether you feel like it or not. Instead of controlling and dominating your spouse, you'll find ways to see the good and bring out the best in spite of the circumstances enveloping you. This may sound unrealistic, but it need not be. Experiencing it will be your pleasure and to the Christian it's an ongoing reflection of God's love that will flow out because you know Him (My thoughts with Hugs for Those in Love by Ron and Lyn Rose). Sherry

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