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The Importance of Romance

Dozens of roses, alluring environments, and candlelight dinners do not define romance. It cannot be measured in dollars spent or gifts received. Romance is the unexpected escape from the stress of life. It's an intimate message that speaks of value and importance. In short, it refocuses and energizes a relationship. A marriage without romance is dull, dominated by routine and scheduled by boredom. Marriage was designed from the beginning to preserve romance, not eliminate it. We are never to old to rekindle our efforts at romance. Little surprises can make a big difference. Holding hands while you walk together. Call or text each other during the day. Go out for a banana split, yogurt treat, or ice cream. Write a love note (maybe a sticky one on the mirror) or get a card that seems to be written just for him or her and place it somewhere so they will be pleasantly surprised. Sit and relax together and watch a love movie. What about calling a hotel to plan a romantic get away together. It takes a little planning to keep romance alive day after day, and those plans must translate into actions on your part. Good intentions never count. You need to order the flowers, purchase and write in the cards, take walks, or buy the chocolate. Only when you actually do these things do they turn into romance. Romance will be your most effective method for communicating feelings. When you take romantic actions, you communicate your love. Sometimes you may not have the words to describe your feelings. But that touch, a smile, or a thoughtful action will speak volumes. Knowing we are loved is not enough. Looking into your eyes and saying the words, "I'm going to love you all day," will do something to your heart. But adding a special touch through a thoughtful action can do even more for your marriage. We long to feel we are loved. Romance sends that feeling to the heart. It won't matter what it costs or what others may think, as long as that heart message is sent and received. When you feel loved, you feel valuable, needed, special, and even extraordinary. Romance is not an option to avoid (My thoughts with Hugs for those in Love, by Ron and Lyn Rose). Sherry

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