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Gain Your Spouses Heart

In your marriage you should have a love that bonds you together every moment of every single day. And along with that there should always be sharing of the wishes and dreams you have in your hearts so you gain understanding of each others feelings. The love and understanding you build is a vital part to your health and the health of your relationship. It is so important to make sure you give love and that you try and understand your spouses feelings. This is where you will realize how different men think and deal with issues, from how women perceive the same situation. You will learn how to bless and be blessed as you release the love from within your hearts. By doing this, love will move out from you to enfold and fortify your spouse. From this you will see that love will grow and expand to touch everyone in your family. In an atmosphere where love abounds, you are nourished and strengthened so you live out each day even when trials or petty issues encroach upon you. It's so much better to live in a home where love is the thriving force so that bitterness and hurt can't prevail. Let me mention here faith and trust. They go hand in hand. Don't ever lose the trust you have in your relationship. Jealousy creeps in when trust gets trampled on. Don't allow discord to mar your marital bond. Don't be a loser in your marriage. Let the example of your home be a blessing to others. Being faithful to your marriage vows is a work done in love that never needs to end, but continues because it enjoys giving gifts of peace and happiness. When your hearts are united in love, then your hearts will lead you forward to share new adventures in the life ahead of you. Your loving, kind, faithful, generous and caring heart will attract love back to you. And if you've already experienced it you know it's the only kind of home you want to be a part of. There's no doubt in my mind that in the home where love glows and abounds, God abides there also. This're a winner of the prize of your spouses heart. Sherry

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