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There is always something to learn about love and marriage. Every marriage has anchor points or milestones that define the relationship: people that mean a lot to us and events that change us. The wedding itself is an important anchor point, but so is the date when you knew this was the one. Very important is the moment of the proposal. And the questions you may have about God can and should be an anchor point for your marriage. Another milestone is that first conflict that forced you into a more realistic view of each other.Your first trip as a married couple, your first Christmas, your first anniversary, your first move, your first car, and your first crisis also will mark the way your marriage survives. Having children are anchor points of a marriage at several stages.The period of time from conception to birth is a milestone; and that's just the beginning. Your child's first words, steps, school days, class programs, and sports games are all important to you as a couple. While children tend to demand our time when growing-up, the marriage still needs special times free of their demands. Trips, marriage projects, and anniversaries are potential anchor points in a strong marriage. All crisis times are milestones. Health problems, job changes, faith struggles, and grief provide chances for couples to pull together and offer support. Your children's teen years are often filled with one crisis after another. During these challenges, it's easy to take your marriage for granted and end up passing each other by. Giving a gentle hug or taking a walk may end up becoming an important anchor point. Take note as a couple when difficult times strike. Talk about any issues together. Don't sweep your problems under the rug. Share your joys, sadness, pain, fears, and thoughts along with your dreams. The more anchor points you have, the more aware you become of the value of your marriage and the less likely you will be to cash in on such a valuable treasure. Treasure your spouse and let them know they are valued (My thoughts with Hugs for those in Love, by Ron and Lyn Rose). Sherry

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