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Protect Your Marriage - Protect Your Spouse

Temptations in every area of life are around us no matter where we go. It's what we do about those temptations that matters. When your guard against evil is lowered just a tad then Satan takes ground and he's so smart, he knows exactly what your weaknesses are. He was ever so cunning in all his striking beauty and sweet and melodious talk when meeting Eve at the forbidden tree. He devised an enticing desire for the fruit hanging there in front of her through an appealing invite to her curiosity. This sad occasion then cast a shadow of doubt in her mind about the instruction's God had laid out for she and Adam. Eve then allowed herself to engage in a dialogue with Satan. Her willpower was thus weakened and she not only looked at the fruit of sensuous beauty, but touched it. Because Satan is so clever He knew every angle to use to persuade her and was successful. Eve left the side of her beloved Adam and therefore put herself in harms way. Eve ate of the forbidden fruit and as history tells, the lot was cast. One area the devil strongly likes to damage is the marital bond. There is nothing the devil likes better than to break up a home.Temptations are everywhere and if you aren't in step with the Lord you are so venerable to falter. Even those that spend time with the Lord everyday have to keep their guard up against Satan's temptations because that's when he gets angry and sends his hosts to work harder at tripping you up. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus and your eyes will stay focused on your beloved spouse.Don't let another person, whether a friend or coworker engage with you in kind and gentle or suggestive manners that will entice you to where you start thinking thoughts about that other person. It happens so smoothly and it only leads to hurts, it breaks up homes, and once the damage is done you carry it in your heart as a wound for life unless God in His mercy erases the painful remembrance.Satan is so subtle. Don't let him take control of your life. If you have marital problems, seek help from healthy couples, but most of all pray like you've never prayed before. God sees, He hears, God feels your pain and He will come to your rescue. Protect your marriage. Protect your spouse. You will have joys, sorrows, successes, and failures. There will be battles to fight, and there are some that you should be willing to fight. These are the battles that pertain to protecting your spouse. There are enemies out there and they come in different forms and use different strategies, and they come to conspire to destroy your relationship unless you ward them off. Be on guard at all times from allowing opposite-sex relationships even at church to draw you emotionally away from the one to whom you've already given your heart. They can be deemed as parasites. A parasite is anything that latches onto you or your partner and sucks the life out of your marriage. Men especially, you are the head of your home. You are the one responsible before God for guarding the gate and standing your ground against anything that would threaten your wife or marriage. This is no small assignment. It requires a heart of courage and a head for preemptive action. Jesus said in Matthew 24:43, If the head of house had known, he would have been on guard and his house would not have been broken into. To the man, this role is yours. Take it seriously. It's all about our God-given right to choose! Humanly speaking, we could place the blame on God for trusting our first parents with such a life-and-death choice, a choice upon which hung the fate of the entire human race. But should God have done it any differently, He only would have confirmed the accusation that Satan laid upon Him when he first rebelled in heaven - the accusation that God was "severe and tyrannical." The result is that the human race is condemned. Through the fall we inherited the natural tendency to commit sin. It doesn't end there. God himself assures us of victory. At the same time that God permits the trial or temptation to come,He will also have in readiness the means whereby we may gain the victory and escape from committing sin, which may be a sin devastating to your marriage (My thoughts and ideas with The Love Dare. page111-113 and notes from page 76, May 2015 Collegiate Quarterly). Sherry

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