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Marriages - Having the Same Traits and Qualities as God

One of God's characteristics is His immutability: He doesn't change. He is consistent and constant. As couples it would be an added blessing to pray in harmony with what God's character is. Below are some of His character traits and what they could mean for your marriage if you pray together. Also are added texts to look up for validity. God is holy, so you must never pray for anything that would compromise His holiness or cause you to be unholy (Psalm 99:9; Isaiah 6:3; Revelation 15:4). God is love, and our prayers should both invoke the love of God for others and reflect the love of God in our own attitudes (Jeremiah 31:3; John 3:16; Romans 5:8). God is good, and the results of our prayers must bring goodness into the lives of everyone we meet (Psalms 25:8; 33:5; 34:8; Nahum 17; Matthew 19:17; Romans 2:4). God is merciful, and our prayers should reflect that we have received His mercy and are willing to be merciful ourselves (Psalms 108:4; Lamentations 3;22, Joel 2:13). God is jealous, and we dare not ask for something that would take first place in our hearts over God (Exodus 20:5; Deuteronomy 4:24; 1 Corinthians 10:22). God is just, and we cannot expect Him to grant a request that would be unjust or unfair to anyone (Psalms 103:6; Zephaniah 3:5; John 5:30; Romans 2:2). God is long-suffering, and neither our prayers nor our waiting for answers should show impatience toward Him who is so patient with us (Isaiah 48:9; Romans 9:22, 1 Peter 3:20). And God is truth, and our prayers must never seek to change or disguise truth (Deuteronomy 32:4; Romans 3:4; Hebrews 6:18). Quite Times for Couples, page 204. What a wonderful God that cares for everyone in the same way and who longs to see in your marital bond all the above traits and qualities in striving to reach an ultimate level for enhancing your marriage. Sherry

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