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A Healthy Relationship is to be cherished.

Every moment that you are together with your spouse is to be cherished. What you give to your spouse today in thoughtful kindnesses and words of encouragement can make it even more of a special day for both of you. You, to them, give by your positive attitude and meaningful conversations. By faith in what God can do for your marriage you express your desire for a more improved relationship with your spouse. The return dividends to your marriage will be greater peace of mind. To give your attention to God when you face challenges by focusing on His sacred Presence in every situation can reveal to you the beauty and majesty in situations that may seem ordinary and routine. He will reveal to you blessings that you would otherwise not notice. Rejoice in what God can do for your marriage. Your thoughts of each other remind you of how much you mean to each other. Your thoughts and prayers for each other can be declarations of health, safety, and peace because you love that individual tirelessly. When you start your day with God in your relationship you will know that you will be thinking loving thoughts of each other throughout the day. This is a blessing and it will bring smiles to your face. You will have a peaceful sensation when you have been touched by a loving thought. It's a wonderful feeling. Your willingness to cooperate with God and with each other is reflected in your everyday life and unites you should a crisis come. Adding God to your relationship will keep that relationship whole. United in faith, love, and purpose, you will withstand challenges. Strengthened by your commitment to remain united, you continue on with peace of mind to face whatever trials may come your way. A healthy relationship is to be cherished (My thoughts with Daily Word for Couples, pgs.98-100). Sherry

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