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True Love Within the Marriage

We express our feelings for each other and our thoughts about living together in many unique ways. One reason is because we are each unique creations of the master Creator. What's far more important than the manner in which we express our feelings to one another, is that we express them sincerely and compassionately. Some find it easier to express their love in carefully chosen words. Others are more comfortable expressing their feelings through loving and often creative actions. Expressions of love can come in many forms, but what will be important is that the reaction of the recipient in accepting it will give love back by their expressive and loving ways. Love for love makes for a stable and happy marital relationship. When you share your heartfelt feelings, you need to remember to give your spouse a chance to share also. You don't respond without putting thought into your expressions, but rather you allow yourself to absorb the significance of what the other has said or done to you. When your responses are done lovingly and in kindness, your mutual trust will continue to grow significantly. With words and actions, you are telling your spouse you love who they are. We must remember we are God's ambassadors of love as we interact with each other. Letting your spouse know how much you appreciate them will often be just what they need to hear to boost their self confidence and will definitely brighten their day. With just a few kind words, you can help each other shift the outlook of your day from glum to glad. The love and caring you express in a few seconds can have a lasting and positive effect on your marital relationship. "For now we live, if we stand fast in the Lord. For what thanks we can render to God for you, for all the joy for your sake before our God." (I Thessalonians 3:8,9). True love is not possible without God in the marriage relationship. You will find you will always be just short of that genuine happiness. Once you've experienced God as the source for true love, you will wonder why you waited so long to connect. Marriage can be absolutely beautiful. I know because I speak from the heart. Sherry

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