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The Main Ingredient in Your Marriage

You realized how much you love each other when thought after thought reminds you of how much you mean to each other. Your thoughts are declarations of wanting health, safety, and peace for your beloved. You know that when you think of each other you hold thoughts of serene peace that will convey its actions into loving support for your spouse in the kindest of ways. When you are thinking of each other and devoting time to helping each other in even the simplest ways, its like a two way mirror; you are doubly blessed. When your thoughts are messages of love and support through ascending prayers carried to the Father of all love, you have a peace that radiates out from within your inner soul. Those loving thoughts about your spouse create a peaceful sensation that radiates throughout your countenance. And when it's shared with your beloved, your life together unexplainably - just becomes a bit more excelled all the way down into the depths of the core of your being. Every moment that you are together when you practice devoted love, will be one to be cherished. You'll find it's just fun to feel loved, cherished, and needed. What you give to each other more than what a day gives to you will make every day a special day to be remembered. If this all seems to good to be true according to the marital relationship you are in, than you are missing the main ingredient for a successful marriage. You must develop a faith in God. When you turn the challenges of married life over into His hands you become the recipient of burdens lifted, and cared for by Him. This will result in positive attitudes and you will inadvertently find that your conversations together will change. Faith expressed through Jesus power will bring a return dividend to your marriage resulting in peace of mind. Give your attention to God and not to the challenges you face. Focus on God's sacred presence in every situation. The ordinary and routine that can seem ho-hum in your relationship can be changed to bliss. When you have given your faith and attention to God, it will shine through by your actions and you will discover there really are blessings in your marriage to be enjoyed, and you'll realize it's because you are now living in a new light. So start rejoicing together, as you give from your heart; life, love, and understanding because you've added God's presence to dwell within your marriage today. "Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice." (Psalms 105:3). Amen! Sherry

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