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Sense of Humor in Your Marriage

Having a sense of humor in a marriage is a gift to be treasured. It's hard to explain how good it feels when you know your spouse feels joy by being in your presence and in spending time with you. It's a given in marriage that you are helpmates to each other. So when life's frustrations enter the picture, humor helps to cope with the difficulties life constantly dishes out. It's good to be on the same page (so to speak) so humor becomes a natural part of how you function with each other. Humor helps to put challenges in perspective - in their place, which puts things at a manageable level. You need to be wise in using humor as a means that will lighten the atmosphere in creating an upbeat attitude, and all the while in the process never make fun of your spouse (especially in front of other people). Humor helps you to look on the bright side of life; challenges come temporarily and God's presence needs to be with you at all times. He forever longs to help you with your marital difficulties. Unexpected things will always pop up; things that need to be dealt with in short order. In those cases if you can see things in a more positive light by adding humor, you will be better equipped to solve the harder problems. Knowing that God cares and His presence is with you is reason to feel joy, peace, and comfort. God looks at clean humor and I believe He smiles. Gladness within your soul needs to shine out to help brighten the dreariest of days. You can live in a negative atmosphere in your home or create a positive one where you will enjoy living together. You are half of the factor. Sharing the gift of gladness with your spouse increases joy in your home and adds meaning to not only your day, but makes your spouse want to be a better person too. If you feel division in your home, your first work is to make amends by getting rid of selfish wants where you feel your spouse is always the one in the wrong. Talk - communicate - clear the air. Once you can finally talk about your despondent inner feelings with each other and not snap or judge while in the process you will one day be able to laugh together. It's guaranteed it will be worth the effort you put into wanting a more favorable marriage. That's when humor will start to happen and you will know that mending your connection with each other will change your home from constant friction to having a fun and a more favorable life together. Thank you God for giving me the words to write for all the married couples that receive this. Sherry

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