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Prayer and Appreciation in Your Marriage

There can be joy when you acknowledge each other for all you have contributed to the quality of life in your marriage. When you express thoughtful words and acts of love and kindness you can with success boost the spirit of your spouse. By going out of your way, by doing something you don't normally do for your spouse, you will bring rays of sunlight into their life, and you will bring a smile for each time that act is remembered. By saying, I appreciate you, or I love telling you how much I appreciate you, you keep your love life growing to yet another level of being in love. Your message to each other blossoms as you learn to say, I'm sorry, or thank you, when thanks isn't an option, but a sincere expression from the heart. When these are things you experience with your mate, it's the light of God shining brightly into your lives. The more you appreciate your spouse, the more you will find to appreciate. Showing your spouse you appreciate them will be a simple action that brings out better qualities, and for the future encourages you how to let it show more freely. Praying together, and praying for each other is one of the best things you can do for your marriage. Couples that pray together with sincerity from the heart shows that you are asking for the highest level of advice from the almighty King of the universe. Pray that you will enrich each others lives. Pray that your spouse will be aware of God's loving and healing presence. Then in prayer you will experience a unity of spirit with God, and in turn with your spouse. In giving the gift of prayer, you will gain peace of mind, and it will help when you make decisions of lasting importance together. Prayer is a gift from the soul. There is something special about knowing that your spouse prays for you. Make your spouse aware of your unfailing love for them because you have tapped into the Source of all that's good. When faced with challenges let your spouse know you want to be of help in every way you can. God will be with you to give you comfort, love, and understanding that only He can give. In giving the gift of prayer you will gain peace of mind, and at the same time you are giving your spouse peace of mind. What a gift! Now go ahead - on a daily basis - enrich each others lives. Sherry

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