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Marriage and the Family

You'll find it's nice when you feel the need to lean on each other for strength. You will gain confidence when you reach outside of yourself and share those things which are within you. Supporting each other strengthens your bond of commitment and it will then flow from your soul and will show that you enjoy being a loving couple through those acts of love. At times you will be more aware of each other's strengths than you are of your own. It's then that you will be beholding of the presence of God in each other. As you reflect that holy presence it feeds your inner soul, and you see love; a smile, feel love; a touch, enjoy love; through gratefulness, and you will in turn, share that love with intimacy flowing out to your partner. You will become two pillars of strength that support a fulfilling, long-lasting relationship. When leaning on each other, you will learn to understand something of the presence of God in each other and you will realize how much you appreciate each other. One thing you will never grow tired of is having a positive attitude toward each other. In any hard situation, while looking at the bright side of the picture, you will stay on a positive path. In this way you understand that with every obstacle you face in your marriage, you can learn that there is good that will come from having those tough times that inevitably will come. When praising each other you will have to admit it's God's spirit within that gives hope and understanding towards each other God's spirit within identifies the truth of hope that you share and you will in turn speak about. Always be thankful and value each other's positive attitude. As you open your heart and mind to the blessings that God daily prepares for your marriage, understand that God is revealing to you the wonder of life that He puts within you. And because of Him your witness will be about what a happy marriage is by the love and appreciation felt towards your spouse. It will feel like it freely comes into your heart, and will not stay caged there, but will freely flow out to your awaiting partner. If you haven't already tried that positive and appreciation process - today is a good time to start. Sherry

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