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Keeping God at the Heart of Your Relationship

As a couple do you unite your hearts in prayer together? God can be the presence of peace that pervades your day and nights. He can infuse your relationship with love and understanding. You cannot make your relationship as loving and as fulfilling on your own. Sadly, many go about each day thinking their marriage is good, when in fact it can reach to a higher level by connecting with the Source of love. What is good when you can have the ultimate! God longs to guide your marriage and for those who have that connection with Him, they know from experience what true love feels and looks like. It's exhilarating (to say the least) and brings such pleasure. When marriages have God at the heart of their relationship their love honors God, and He in turn blesses with sweet savor. It is good to be the couple that knows the importance of building a life of prayer together. You will be in touch with love and peace within your souls because you will relate to each other in compassionate and helpful ways. Centering ourselves in the awareness of God's presence in your lives builds on the spiritual being in you, so you honor and glorify God. It also makes you aware of the loving and tender ways you will express your affections to each other. Dedicate yourselves in all that you are and all that you do as a couple to be shining examples of what Godly love is. With such dedication you will see God expressed in your home, in the workplace and around your community. Because you serve God He will inspire you to love unconditionally, and by acting on divine inspiration, you will love for the pure joy of loving and being loved with no thoughts of a return action. This though will come because when you show love and respect your partner they will feel and see that kindness and will in turn react with love and kindness in the same way. This is divine love in action. There are unlimited ways to give love. Love will flow out to each other through your conversations and through your willingness to be of help. Kind acts, sweet looks, a gentle touch are just a few ways to enhance your love life. Therefore sharing the love of God with each other and with others will be an added blessing in your lives. Calvin and I live with God as our guide in our home and have experienced how happy and beautiful marriage can be and we wish for others the same fulfillment of love that can only be achieved when God is the centering factor. There is hope for the mediocre marriage if you will submit as outlined above. Pray unceasingly if your partner is not willing to have God lead them. God hears, He knows, He sees and He so much cares. Don't give up hope. Our marriage was not always a fulfilled one (even though we loved each other) and sadly it took us many years for our eyes to be opened. God knew though what it would take for our eyes to be opened. We are living proof of a restored and very happy home and it is now our desire for all married couples. Sherry

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